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Birthdate:Sep 8
Location:Washington, United States of America
Ah, well. New to this whole thing, I am.
Started for RPing. Probably not a lot is going to happen on this page here.

A wild Aur, or Arc, she doesn't really care which, is usually shy. Unless you talk to her about Dragons, in which you'll get an earful. Aur likes reading fantasy, fiction, and more fantasy, talking with friends, roleplaying, and writing. She is shy until you know them, and then they have a problem with keeping quiet. Sometimes. Cats are a close favorite animal to dragons.
Arc likes playing videogames, usually Tales Of sorts, or the kinds that involve hacking-and-slashing with a side dish of magic over shooters like Halo. She is currently in college, although not sure what she wants to do, and spends some time drifting in IRC chats. She is most likely either on her computer, in class, or asleep. She is rather mellow, but for the occasional mood swing that comes with being a she.

The wild Arc, or Aur, will prefer not to talk about religion, politics or sexuality. If you have a problem with these things, go rant at someone else. Aur will not push her veiws on you, kindly return the favor.
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